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The Museum

Reconstructed dining room (triclinium).

The rooms in the reconstructed part have been turned into a museum. In addition to the the original finds on display, the visitor can see reconstructed Roman living areas. These have been painted and furnished according to models from ancient times.

A brief but informative introduction can be gained by the 15 minute film which is shown. Models in the basement clarify how the entire main building, bath and temple area may have appeared.

Display area
Display area

Supplementing this are numerous panels with an introduction to Roman history in our State. The eventful history of the villa rustica at Hechingen-Stein is treated in more detail. In addition the visitor can learn about Roman building techniques, surveying, farming, nutrition and much more.

Roman coarseware pottery
Terra Sigillata

Fibulae and belt buckles
Iron tools

The exhibition shows a representative sample of the original finds. The exceptionally extensive Roman finds consists mainly of pieces of pottery, (Terra sigillata in addition to typical household pottery), Roman table utensils, as well as wine and oil amphorae, some of which were imported from Spain and the South of France. Metal finds included numerous iron tools as well as jewellery (including fibulae: safety pins) and such household goods as spoons and pens (styli) made of bronze. Sewing needles and other finds made from bones - together with numerous coins - complete the spectrum.

Excursions to the museum

At the entrance to the museum there is a terrace with a fantastic view of the castle of Hohenzollern and the Swabian mountains and a snack bar providing beverages and snacks.

Snack bar and terrace.
Snack bar and terrace.
Tour group7
Tour group

Since the Museum has opened in 1991 a constantly increasing number of visitors ( up to 40,000 people a year) proves the public's interest in this sort of a museum.

The museum is supported by the Society for Research and Restoration of Cultural Monuments in Hechingen-Stein. (Verein zur Erforschung und Erhaltung der Kulturdenkmale in Stein e.V.).