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Welcome to the Roman Villa Rustica in Hechingen-Stein

We find ourselves in southwestern Germany between Stuttgart and Lake Constance at the end of the 1st century AD. For the past few years this area has been under Roman rule. In addition to castells (fortresses) and towns, Farming estates, in Latin villae rusticae, have developed to provide food for the inhabitants. Thus, a family, whose name we no longer know, decide to settle here in Hechingen-Stein and build a Villa Rustica.

For about 200 years, people live and work on this farm. It is deserted only after Roman rule in southwest Germany comes to an end. The villa is forgotten, gradually decays and is overgrown by the surrounding woods.

More than 1,700 years later and purely by chance, the building is discovered, excavated and partially rebuilt. Today, there is an open-air museum where each year thousands of visitors come to relax, to learn about and experience Roman times. You can get to know this museum right here and we hope, sometime in the future, to be able to welcome you in person at the villa rustica.
On our Web site you will find a description of the villa, a tour through the park, up-to-date information on events and practical tips for your visit. For readers whose primary interest is scientific, there are detailled reports of the excavations which have taken place in recent years.
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